“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” (Albert Camus)

It is beautiful autumn, at least here in Tallinn, Estonia. Beauty might be deceptive. You can take a walk in the park, enjoy the late autumn sun or the mild rain, but you have in your head dark thoughts. There is a lot of uncertainty around us these days, even tragedies. People are losing their job, their health, close ones…

Psychologist Abraham Maslow did create Maslow´s hierarchy of needs. We all have basic needs: food, water, warmth, rest, security, and safety. Without basic needs, we can´t exist. You have to eat and drink to survive. In the cold, you can freeze to death… These are times when our daily safety and security are at stake. Many people do not know how they will cope tomorrow. For many people, this “tomorrow” started several months ago.

“How can I think about self-development when I don´t have food on the table? If I am losing my home..”

I ask: “How can you not think about self-development if the old models do not work?” You may not have the time, the opportunities, and the will, but you can find in your day ten minutes. Maybe instead of watching a music video on Youtube, one short Tedx talk? Instead of a newspaper gossip column a page from Hemingway or Tolstoi book? Just ten minutes every day and in two months you notice a change. Your brain is going to need different food, and you are ready to learn more deeply.

We all learned to walk with small steps. Sometimes even awkwardly. Just look the babies 🙂 Just give your time to learn and change your life. You deserve it. Step by step through difficulties… just small steps.

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