New Year – over or not?

Year 2020 is going on… already almost one month old. Many people made New Year resolutions, even started to work towards those promises. Suddenly they disappeared, vanished like a morning mist at sunrise. Now even thinking about them even hurts.

This pattern repeats, year after year and not only with New Year resolutions but also the path to the goals runs out too soon. Why break those promises that we give ourselves? Is there lack of willpower? Don’t we really want what we want? Or something else?

There are many articles on the internet about “false hope syndrome”. Many of them associate it with broken New Year’s resolution. Basically, this means that we are making too big promises or they are not specific. Like “I will lose weight and be thin.” How thin? What it means to be thin? What are the first steps towards this goal? What is exact goal? Why the hell, I need that at all? … The wish is but there is no action plan.

Although we want everything and get it right away, starting with small steps is better. Accidents happen and not every they we will be brave and motivated. We can get off the road, with small steps it’s easier to get back. And results of small steps are easier to get. This again motivates us to continue. Set a specific goal. For example, half year to lose 12 kg. That means 2 kg every month. Seems not complicated. Wait! Now we need specific steps. As a human being, we are slaves of habits. If we suddenly change too much, likely get tired and bored. So, again small steps. Start with one thing or at most two things. A decent breakfast and half hour walking every day. If you get used to them, only then bring another change into your life.

If you follow these simple principles, you discover that the New Year resolutions come true. Your anxiety will decrease, self-confidence grows. And by fulfilling your goals, you will create the life you always wanted.

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