About Kersti

Kersti Jarve – Motivation Coach

Kersti’s life path has been full of extraordinary dreams. After reading her first books and being fascinated by the stories about vampires, she decided to choose the profession as a vampire! The same feelings accompanied her in the future as well. She was indulging into every book and was dreaming of living the same life as the heroes. Therefore, she was seeing herself as a lawyer, a writer, an athlete, a journalist, and even a president.

Kersti grew up in a big family: among seven children. Hence, being supportive, compassionate and patient were not strange for her as the eldest child. On the other hand, she liked loneliness with her thoughts and free spirit. Frequently she was gazing at the stars of the night sky and polar lights. She knew almost all constellations names, such as Orion, Cygnus, Sirius etc. Since her childhood she could not tolerate the physical work. Kersti remembers with smile the unhappy moments of her happy childhood. When she should do any work in the garden, she was always vanishing and isolating with her books. Then self-education and sport played pivotal role in molding her personality. Kersti sincerely believes that there is nothing more powerful than the freedom to make decisions. However, every decision is also a responsibility.

Kersti has many achievements and awards in kickboxing: WPKA world championships II place in Madrid, International Kickboxing Tournament “ESTOPEN 2008” I place, International Kickboxing Tournament “LATVIA OPEN 2009” II place, International Kickboxing Tournament “ESTOPEN 2010” II place, Estonian Championship in Kickboxing 2010 I place and etc.

A successful career in sport gave formed in her the characteristics and principles of the winner, based on which she lives her daily life. She says: “In the ring when an opponent hits you, you don’t say stop. If you do, you will lose. No matter how painful the blow was or how frightening the opponent is. Or if some of your blows or kicks don’t come out, you just keep going. Life is the same you have to keep going, no matter how difficult or how broken you are. Keep going.” She is not only a champion in the ring, but also she is a mother of 2 sons and a beautiful, emotional lady with full of contradictions.

Kersti has been a volunteer assistant police officer. Here she also has many awards and medals: State decoration of the North Prefectural Assistant Police Officer 2015, State decoration of the Northern Prefecture 2017 and etc, of which she is truly proud.

Finding people in the most vulnerable situations, helping them while remaining neutral, has given her the ability to deal with critical situations. She has learned to deal with her emotions and focus on goals. Kersti knows that the journey from dreams to reaching goals and achievements might be very thorny, including many ups and downs. However, she undoubtedly believes that it is always possible to reach the goal.


EVE: Coaching reached me through my good friend Kersti. The hour or two we spent on the process made me think about our topics from a different perspective. The questions asked by Kersti will make you look inside and reflect on yourself, and thus rethink your issues.

ELMO: Highly recommend, Kersti is quite patient (on the one hand) and a “poke” with good experience and techniques (on the other hand then).