Are you stuck?

I want something, but what… Seems familiar? For us, definitely. What we do in this situation? There are many different exercises and coaching tools but we consider the most effective “Wheel of Life”. This not only does not help determine what you want but gives you an overview of what area you need to focus more on.

Exercises “Wheel of Life” is easy and everyone can do it themselves if needed. First you need two sheets of paper, sticky notes and pencil. Take the first sheet of paper and write down all the important areas of your life. There are no right or wrong answers here. You do not have to lie to yourself. Just write down what has or should have significance in your life or things you can’t live without. Now write a number front of them for importance.

The next step: take sticky notes front of you. Write one thing from the list to each paper. Now turn the list blank page up. You have lot of small papers front of you, each with one important thing written on it. They all are important but now you have to give up one by one. See what you can give up first. Take this sticky note, write number one on it, grumble and put aside. Imagine how your life would be without it. When you’re done take the number two you give up… until there is nothing left. How are you feeling now? Empty? Sad? Happy? Lightly? There is no right or wrong answer – only your answer.

Now, life has given back all these areas. Open sticky notes and write the number on them to the list, which you did before. Did the order of the important things change? Now take the blank paper and draw a circle there. Now divide it eight sectors. Now look what the last number you had on sticky notes and write it down on one sector. Based on sticky notes last numbers, name each sector.These are the most important areas of your life right now.

The next step is evaluation. Again, there are no wrong or right answers. Only your approach. Think where you are in the area. 0 is the worst and 10 is the best. Write your number in the sector. Do so with each sector. Next connect the numbers with lines. Does it look like decent wheel? Now look at that wheel, what sector, if it were in order, things would progress in your life. That’s were you stuck, missing piece of the puzzle.

In coaching we would work with that sector, using different micro and macro models. We are developing concrete steps, working on frustration and create backup plan. You can also set an action plan yourself. The key is to take action and move forward.

It is advisable to do exercise “Wheel of Life” once every six months. Our lives are dynamic, in constant motion, pressure points may change, this little exercise will help keep the wheel oiled, so that life would flow smoothly.

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